Con mucho gusto…

My Spanish is getting a bit better every day and I can understand more and more of the conversations the “Ticos” are having. Being the sometimes the only foreigner or not native Spanisch speaker, they don’t speak slower just for me and I like it. I like to follow their conversations although sometimes they’re too quick, too much letter-skipping or speaking with a sort of Tico-slang.

My life these days in Costa Rica isn’t full of exciting activities as I’ve seen many things in the place I am. But being a bit bored sometimes is not bad to open your mind to the little things about life and just enjoy a special moment which is easily overseen in full-packed traveller days. It can be a rainfall. Sometimes I see the sunset besides the volcano or I can hear and see the tucan over the roofs of the buildings next to my hostel.

Costa Rica is a quite developped country after places like Belize, Guatemala, Honduras or Nicaragua where I’ve recently been. It is more clean and things are much more organized. What I really like is the nature and Ticos are proud of it so they are also more concerned about the environment and put less waste just beside the streets. There are gym’s and people are jogging through the streets.

What I really like about the people in that country is their “con mucho gusto”. Whenever I ask for something or thank for something just received, I hear “con mucho gusto”. Sometimes it’s just “con gusto” but mostly it’s “con mucho gusto” which sounds to me not just “it’s a pleasure” as the official translation is. It sounds usualy like “it’s a great pleasure”. It’s the way they are saying it and I guess these sentence is in no other place used so often as here. I know that I will miss that little sentence interacting with people asking for the way or buying something…


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