Un uncommon best of Central America list…

Planned 4 months, I stayed 6 months. Central America really surprised me. I have never expected that I like it that much. l have met so many really, really nice people, learnt a lot about myself and was impressed by the beautiful nature this part of the world has to offer. Volcanos, beaches, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and many more spectacles touched my heart.

I was surprised by all the beautiful colonial cities and found myself doing a lot of hiking and swimming in lakes, rivers, waterfalls and the ocean. This is not a very common best of list. Because of many reasons I cannot name one best of place, there are several…

The nicest country: Nicaragua because of its nice mix of everything


The friendliest local people: Nicaraguans, because they tell you when your bus is coming


The best nature: Semuc Champey, Guatemala and Costa Rica with its precious national park and wildlife


The best maya ruin: Tikal, Guatemala


The most developped and also most expensive country: Costa Rica, Cuba is not generally developped (only education and health system) but expensive too


The less developped and cheapest country: Nicaragua, a beer in a bar costs 1 USD…


The best dancers: Cubans


The best party place: Antigua, Guatemala


The best hike: Indian Nose, Lake Atitlan Guatemala and Cerro Chato, Volcano Arenal, Costa Rica


The nicest lake: Lago de Apoyo, Nicaragua


The best river: Rio Celeste, Costa Rica and El Salto in La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica


The best colonial town: Granada, Nicaragua



The best museum: Museo de le Revolucion, León, Nicaragua


The best busride: Rivas – San Juan del Sur or many others on Chicken Buses


The funniest volcano experience: Volcanoboarding in Léon, Nicaragua


The best sport: Surfing in Nicaragua and a lot of hiking and dancing in general


The nicest market: Antigua, Guatemala


The best beach: Tulum, Mexiko


The most modern city: Panama-City


The best adventures: Driving at nighttime through Costa Rica, Cave tours in Lanquin, Guatemala and San Ignacio, Belize, Rafting and Tubing in Costa Rica and many everyday experience when travelling as a backpacker


The nicest man I’ve met: Andres, La Fortuna, Costa Rica


The most unexpected experience: falling in love in Costa Rica


The most horrible experience: middle ear infection in Panama with three days of non-stop raining


New nature experience: a lots of volcanos and wilflife with fascinating animals


The best animal experiences: Snorkling on Caye Caulker in Belize with stingrays and sharks and the sloths, monkeys, frogs and snakes I saw in Costa Rica


The best food: almost everywhere, a lot of rice and beans, mexican influence and heavy breakfasts and of course the fish in coconut sauce (almost Thai curry style) in Baracoa, Cuba


The nicest island: San Blas Islands, Panama

Missed: seing lava, diving

All the variety Central America has to offer, I can highly recommend that destination to other travellers, especially for people who did not travel yet to South America. Central America is a good start into the latino culture and probably a bit more organised, civilized and cleaner than many destinations in South America (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia). I guess it is also much easier in Central America for those who don’t speak Spanish. What I also really like about travelling in Central America is that the most people you meet have some travel experience and are in their late 20′s or early 30′s. So what are you waiting for?

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