My 30th birthday and a year of my life in Latin America

…a reason to celebrate! I wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday at a beachparty with some great people or to stay in a luxury hotel and get some spa treatments. But Cali was a much better place to celebrate. Besides my birthday I could also celebrate having spent a year of my life in Latin America (former and actual trip together).

In the morning I layed in my bed awake and checked the congratulation SMS I got when Ronald from the hostel came into the dorm and looked like “is she already awake?”. When he realized that I’m awake, he came to my bed to congratulate me. Wow, I was touched, it doesn’t happen that many times to you that you can’t even make it out of your bed on your birthday and get already the first congratulations.

After breakfast Karine invited me to a coffee. I told the people around to come for a drink at night and sent some Facebook invitations. Then I went to the city center to buy the ingredients for Guacamole and Sangria. Back at the hostel Diana helped me to cut the fruits and I prepared the Sangria so it could develop some flavor until the evening. And then I had a dancing class which Carlos made me a gift! Wow, it felt good to start my 30th with that.

Of course I couldn’t miss the legendary Wednesday group class. And then it was already time to get ready for my party. The hostel announced it on the info board, so many people came. Jovitas is not only a hostel but also a meeting point where Colombians and people staying somewhere else show up to join the party.

The party started. We took the Hifi from the dancing room and Francy put on some music. People started to dance. That was exactly who I always wanted a birthday party to be! I felt so happy. Some friends were suddenly really strange and tried to distract me. After two minutes I realized why – Jovitas had a birthday cake organised! Wow, I was staying at the greatest hostel and found the best place to celebrate my birthday. It was just amazing!

Look at the pictures! It was fun, yeah?

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