Jolanda’s still on the way…

A year ago I started to travel. I could guess that it would take a little bit longer and so it is… I’ve just arrived from Sydney, got some manicure and pedicure, some Thai massage, ate my Pad Thai and I feel happy.

Since months I somehow looked forward to arrive in Thailand, have some great food and a good vibe. And here I am. I take it easy these days as I wait for my Myanmar visa. I buy some new clothes and almost completely change the insides of my backpack. I send a parcel home with some stuff I won’t need anymore. As everytime I’m in Bangkok, I have to see the reclining Buddha at Wat Po and take a boatride on the river, drive with the pink cabs and dream about what else to do.

I haven’t really a plan yet. But that’s nothing new to me. I’ll go to Myanmar first and when I come back, I’ll head into Cambodia, then to Vietnam and Laos. But then? I don’t know. Maybe I’ll have enough from travelling and go back home, or I’ll catch a flight to the Philipines or Indonesia. Maybe I’ll go home with the Transiberian Railway through China, Mongolia and Russia.

One day I’ll go back to Switzerland, my home country. But for now I’m still on the way!

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