Hangover II in Bangkok – Skybar and Ping Pong Show

Did you see Hangover II? I did and as I’ve been to Bangkok many times before, I asked myself, where’s that bar/restaurant. The view is just amazing. And then another traveller told me it’s definetely worth to go. So I did my research on internet. The place is called The Dome or Lebua State Tower on top of the the luxurious Lebua hotel. The only more or less affordable place there for a backpacker is the Skybar. The restaurant looks way too expensive.

Anyways to go there you have to dress up. They have a dresscode and access is denied if you show up in flip flops or shorts. So I put on my nice black dress and my plateau sandals – a remember from Salsa dancing in Colombia I’m going to throw away afterwards.

I go inside the hallway and passed the critical eyes of the dresscode-checking lady. There I amwaiting for the lift to bring me up. Around me people dressed in suits and long fancy evening dresses. I’m glad I really made an effort to dress up…

The lift opens and I walk out through a fancy restaurant. Wow, where am I? This looks all too luxurious… And then I can’t move anymore, I’m just standing on top of the stairs looking down to the bar and the view around. The view is absolutely mind-blowing. Slowely I walk down the stairs towards the bar. It’s sunset time and the place is very busy. I have a look around, take some pictures and order a drink. The Hangovertini, the drink especially made for the movie, can be consumed here. It costs me 22 Swiss Francs I learnt later from my credit card bill (of course I had to pay by credit card in such a place), I’m not sure if I ever paid more for a drink before in my whole life. Slowly I’m savouring the taste of it and enjoying more of the view.

Later on I meet a nice Norwegian guy who just came back from Myanmar and gives me some good and very valuable tips for my upcoming trip there. It’s gone dark now and the lights of the city awoke. It’s such a pity I’m not better taking night pictures.

The bar was definetely worth to go for the special view you get up there. But Hangover II is not complete with it. The second part after the Skybar is to go to a ping pong show and I did that the day before with a friend.

I was asking myself a long time if I really want to see that and a long time as well if I should write about that as well… There are many reasons to go or not to go to such a show. But then I’ve been to Thailand twice already and I have to admit that I somehow judge the Westerner guys who pick up a Thai girl as a cheap holiday escort. I’ve been to the red light district Patpong and its nightmarket before and this time my curiosity won. Many tourist girls go to see a show, so we knew that we are not going to be the only girls there.

The taxi driver drove us to that dark and dodgy street and I first thought that I’m not really going inside that club which looked really run down and somehow secret. But the driver convinced us that later on there will be more tourists – it was still a very early night at 7 o’clock. We paid the 700 baht and went in. Inside at the bar waiting for my drink I glanced to the stage and was surprised as the girl wasn’t pretty at all. We sat down and saw the 15 programms of the show.

Throwing ping pong balls is just one part of it. They also pull feader chains out of their pussy, open Coca Cola bottles, blow out candles etc. We had to laugh about the ideas. The girls looked so bored that I thought they would make much more money if they were a bit better actrices. But then, I’m a girl and probably only the girls look at their faces and their expression. The Westerner men looked pretty unimpressed, too but the Japanese and especially the men from the Middle East looked captured and enjoyed the show.

We also had the chance to talk to a girl. She sat next to us in her dessous which was kind of weird. But then the girls earn 50 % of the entrance fee and the drinks they sell, she told us. So it’s their interest to talk to customers and make them order another drink. She admitted that it’s pretty good money they’re doing there and she does it for the education of her children. The rules in the bar are very strict as it’s a go-go bar and not a bordell. No touching, no video, no pictures. And the girls just throw the guys out as soon as they just look at their mobile phone.

The last programm of the show is a live sex demonstration. A Thai girl goes to the stage followed buy a Thai guy ready and the condom already on. I wonder how many Viagra he has to take… They show different Kamasutra-like positions like the girl bending forward and the guy with his hands on the floor and his legs on the pole dance metal bars in the air. Looks pretty funny and sporty and not at all like a porn. And there’s soft romantic music…

The show was somehow interesting to see, but I felt mostly sorry for the girls. I tick the box for a one-time experience and can’t really recommend it. But a drink at the Skybar is definetely a must-to-do when being in Bangkok.


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